CNC Prototype Tooling Capabilities

RAM Tool is a leading provider of CNC prototype tooling services. Our team of experienced engineers uses advanced computer numerical control technology and software to quickly create prototypes of parts and products with a high degree of accuracy and precision. We bring innovative ideas to life through the prototyping process. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted choice for businesses in need of reliable CNC precision machining capabilities.


What is CNC Prototype Tooling?

CNC prototype tooling, also known as rapid prototyping or rapid tooling, is a process of using computer numerical control (CNC) technology to quickly create prototypes of parts or products. These prototypes are used to test the design and functionality of a product before it goes into mass production.

The CNC prototype tooling process involves using a computer to control the movement of machine tools, such as lathes, mills, and 3D printers, to create the desired prototype. The process typically starts with the creation of a digital model of the prototype using computer-aided design (CAD) software. This model is then used to generate the machine code that will be used to control the CNC machine tools during the prototyping process.

CNC prototype tooling allows for the rapid creation of prototypes with a high degree of accuracy and precision. It is a popular choice for prototyping in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, oil, and gas.

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Our Prototyping Capabilities

RAM Tool is a leading provider of CNC prototype tooling services, and our team is equipped with a range of advanced software to ensure that we can deliver the highest quality prototypes to our clients. We use Pro-E, Solid Works, AutoCAD, and other software to design and model prototypes, as well as to generate the machine code that is used to control our CNC machine tools.


We also use tools such as VERICUT, Power-Mill, SURFCAM, Mastercam, and ESPRIT to optimize the prototyping process and ensure that our prototypes meet the highest standards for accuracy and precision. These tools allow us to:

  • Simulate the machining process
  • Analyze tool paths
  • Optimize cutting conditions

At RAM Tool, we understand that the prototyping process is a crucial step in the development of any product, and we are committed to delivering high-quality prototypes that accurately represent the final product.

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Advantages and Benefits of Prototype Tooling

There are several advantages and benefits to outsourcing prototype tooling and precision machining to RAM Tool, Inc.

Early testing

Prototype tooling allows for the creation of functional prototypes that can be used to test the design and functionality of a product early in the development process. This can help identify any issues or problems with the design before the product goes into mass production, saving time and resources.

Improved design

Prototype tooling can also be used to iterate and improve the design of a product. By testing multiple prototypes and making changes based on the results, it is possible to arrive at a final design that is more effective and efficient.

Faster development

Prototype tooling allows for the rapid creation of prototypes, which can speed up the overall development process. This can be particularly useful for companies that are under tight deadlines or need to get products to market quickly.

Cost savings

By identifying and addressing issues early in the development process, prototype tooling can help reduce the overall cost of bringing a product to market. It can also help reduce the risk of costly errors or rework during mass production.


Prototype tooling allows for the creation of customized prototypes that can be tailored to specific needs or requirements. This can be particularly useful for companies that need to test specialized or customized products.


Prototype tooling allows for greater flexibility in the design process, as it enables engineers and designers to experiment with different materials, shapes, and sizes without committing to a final production design.

Our Industries Served

RAM Tool, Inc. is proud to offer a range of CNC contract milling services to various industries. Our experience in the defense, construction, aerospace, automotive, mining, and oil and gas industries has allowed us to handle projects that require the utmost precision and quality.

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At RAM Tool, we take pride in being on the cutting edge of the ever-changing industry needs. From state-of-the-art metalworking tools to the latest technology and software, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and capabilities for our customers. The diverse range of technologies employed in our facility allows us to take on even the most challenging projects and turn them into quality-built products. Our prototype tooling capabilities allow us to fulfill virtually any customer need.

To see how our prototype tooling capabilities at RAM Tool can serve your project or operation, please contact us today.

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